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Bewitching darkness laces every chapter, every word. This is the kind of book we stay up all night to finish. It’s simply remarkable.

Da Chen, New York Times best-selling author

Beautiful Blackthorn Island is a small community, but at its heart lies a big, ugly secret…

The island of Blackthorn is a seemingly normal place that hides an evil secret. Not only does the island have strange trees that appear like exotic, menacing beasts – several of its youngest residents have mysteriously disappeared over the years. Some inhabitants think that the island’s trees even look like the missing children.

Paul Gold, one of identical twin boys, is the latest child to go missing. When his mother and sister believe they are seeing him again on the island years after his disappearance, they are determined to discover the truth behind what happened to him.

But there are those on the island who are just as determined to keep the secret


I originally wanted to read The Tree Beasts because the cover is beautiful. I know, I know – don’t judge a book by its cover, but I’m glad I did! E.R. Fallon has written this wonderful story that is mostly mystery with beautiful bits of fantasy which quickly drew me in and kept me hooked.

Love the character building in this book. They are extremely well developed, and this is definitely a character driven story. I think the Trees play just as big of a part, which is awesome, because the way it was written, it just felt realistic (even though its fantasy).

My first read from E.R. Fallon and it surly won’t be my last. Beautiful writing, wonderful characters, and a unique plot made The Tree Beasts a very compelling read. I recommend giving it a go!



*I recieved a free copy of this book from BOTBS Publicity in exchange for an honest review on the blog tour. All opinions are my own and unbiased.*

Bestselling crime author E.R. Fallon knows well the gritty city streets of which she writes. She studied criminology and was mentored by a leading advocate for the family members of homicide victims. E.R. is currently writing a book about living with autism and also working on her next gangland book, The Trouble Legacy, with her writing partner, KJ. 

Twitter: @MysteryCreator



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