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I’m excited to be sharing my thoughts on Thieves by Steven Max Russo today! Check out my thoughts and let me know what you think in the comments.

Special thanks to Steven for providing a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review!

Esmeralda works for a housecleaning service during the day and as a restaurant hostess at night. Just out of high school, she is the sole support for her mother and two young siblings.

She has drive and ambition. What she doesn’t have is money.

She knows of a home in the upscale town of Mendham, NJ, that will be empty for more than a month. The rich people who live there go away the same time every year to spend time at their vacation home. Having cleaned the house, she also knows it contains a fair amount of cash and valuables.

Sitting with Ray, one of her co-workers one night, she casually mentions a “what if” scenario; Ray tells Skooley, a white trash drifter who recently moved to New Jersey from south Florida, and a plan is hatched.

It isn’t long before Esmeralda finds herself trapped by both circumstance and greed, forced to try and defend herself against one of her partners in crime, who she quickly discovers is far more dangerous than she ever thought possible.

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Steven Max Russo’s Thieves is quite possibly one of the most unique novels I have read this year. So many crazy things happen in this novel from torture to regrets to fights and a battle for the upper hand.

This is a tale of a falling out among thieves; Ray, Skooley and Esmerelda. They are all interesting and captivating characters but in a much different way than I am used to. None of them are likeable, they aren’t nice people (they are thieves), but they are so well rounded, they feel real. The fact that I wasn’t particularly fond of any of them, nor was I really routing for their success, actually made this novel more intriguing.

It’s a pretty violent novel, but it does have some humor mixed in. It’s what I would expect from a novel full of thievery. Guns, poor decisions, beer, secrets and recklessness. I was really sucked into this one and had trouble putting it down. I’m a fan.

I definitely recommend checking out Thieves. You will find yourself gasping at some of the scenes and then laughing at the next. A really unique novel.



Steven Max Russo has spent most of his professional career as an advertising copywriter and agency owner. He got interested in writing fiction after one of his short stories was accepted by an online literary journal in 2013. Then he caught the bug and began writing seriously. The publication of his first novel, THIEVES, has garnered praise from renowned crime and thriller authors from around the globe. With a gritty writing style and unique voice, he is quickly winning a legion of new fans. Steve is proud to call New Jersey his home.


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