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Welcome to my blog tour stop for A Pair of Sharp Eyes by Kat Armstrong! Thank you to Love Books Group for my spot on this tour! Check out my review and let me know what you think!

Coronation hears of the murders before she even reaches the slave port of Bristol – six boys found with their throats slit. Horrified, she questions the locals’ readiness to blame the killings on Red John, a travelling-man few have actually seen. Coronation yearns to know more about the mystery. But first she has to outsmart the bawds, thieves and rakes who prey on young girls like her: fresh from the countryside and desperate for work. When the murderer strikes shockingly close to Coronation, she schemes, eavesdrops and spies on all around her until the shameful truth is out.  



A Pair of Sharp Eyes drew me in immediately. Kat Armstrong’s writing is wonderful. I absolutely loved the first person point of view. It kept me engrossed in the story and connected me to the main character, Corrie, immediately.

The story was fast-paced and engaging. The plotline was unique, and the story really exposed the inhumanity of the slave trade and anti-semitism. With such deep rooted themes, there’s also a mystery to solve. And while that doesn’t really pick up until midway through the book, I still thought it was a well written ‘whodunit.’

Kat Armstrong’s talent for creating multi-layered characters doesn’t stop at Corrie, the supporting characters were also well developed. This helped keep the story moving and I really enjoyed how character-driven this really was.

I recommend checking out A Pair of Sharp Eyes. A story with a wide variety of themes and well-written characters, I don’t think you will be disappointed..



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