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Hi everyone!

I’m pumped to be reviewing Since September. Let me know if it sounds like something you’d read!

For Sheridan St. John, things just haven’t been the same since September.

It’s early autumn when wall-flower Sheridan and her best friend, Cyndi, move to the city to begin their lives as young adults. On their own for the first time – and away from the harsh criticisms of Sheridan’s mom – the girls are enjoying their new independence. But after a wild night of partying, Sheridan’s grip on reality starts to weaken. When a gruesome tragedy then strikes her family, she’s convinced it’s all an epic nightmare… one from which she must somehow awaken if she is to survive.

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It blows my mind when authors are able to write novellas. The ability to simplify a story without compromising important parts of it is inspiring to me. Add in that Since September is a horror story, that, I think, becomes more difficult. I haven’t seen or read a horror recently, but this is definitely quality writing.

The plot was great. It drew me in immediately and kept me until the end. The pacing was perfect and nothing felt rushed or slowed.

I highly recommend checking Since September out. It’s a fantastic short, horror, novella that is so worth a read!



Noelle MacLeod was born in Halifax, Canada, where she developed a strong connection to both books and music. She graduated from Acadia University with a B.A. in English Lit. and Psychology, and then moved to the United States to pursue writing. Since then, she has written and recorded her own songs (rock, country, pop and folk), has worked as a background vocalist for other singers (country, Christian rock and blues), and has performed live with various rock bands over the years. A lifetime writer of songs, short stories, and poetry, “Since September”, a psychological horror novella, is her first book.

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      1. With a huge TBR who has time to wait till September… How are your Sept blog tours? Mine is crazy, yours will be worse. You say yes to everyone 😂😂😂😂😂

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