#BOOKREVIEW | Terrible Lizard: A Memoir of My Time in the Police Dinosaur Unit – Doug Goodman @DougGoodman1 #bookblogger

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to I’ve reviewing Terrible Lizard: A Memoir of My Time in the Police Dinosaur Unit by Doug Goodman! Check out my review and let me know what you think in the comments.

Special thanks to Doug for the copy of his book in exchange for a review!

My name is Oak Jones. I spent ten years in the Houston Police Department, three years working beats, and seven glorious years in the Police Dinosaur Unit (PDU). I was one of those kids who loved dinosaurs growing up, and the idea of being paid to work with one sounded like the best job anyone could have, ever.

Now that I’m retired from HPD, I wanted to collect some of my war stories. Everybody asks me what it’s like working with a police Velociraptor. Let me be blunt: being a dinosaur handler is the most fun and rewarding job you can have in the world. The pay is horrible, and the trials and tribulations are tremendous, but I wouldn’t have chosen anything else.

So these memoirs are for everyone who’s ever wanted to know what it’s like being a Velociraptor handler. These are some of my favorite stories from that time.

What surprised me more than anything was the amazing bond I made with my Velociraptor, Banshee. It was a relationship unlike any other in my life, and one that I will hold dear for all the rest of my years.

You probably know that the word “dinosaur” is Latin for “terrible lizard.” I thought that would make a great title for this book because while Banshee was a great working police Velociraptor, he was a terrible lizard…



I LOVE THIS BOOK. Doug Goodman has written a brilliantly thought out plot. Police Velociraptors!  What an intriguing idea and the end result was fantastic.

I love how this is written. Oak Jones tells us his stories through memoirs in first person. They are witty, humorous, and sometimes they tugged at the heartstrings. The voice is perfect and it really feels like you’re reading someone’s memoirs.

This is my second read from Doug Goodman and I can’t wait to see more from him. Both books that I have read from him were intriguing takes on dinosaurs, and I can’t resist a good dinosaur book. Highly recommended!



Doug Goodman is a writer happy to be from Houston. Yet in almost every book he writes, Houston is destroyed. Sometimes it is overrun by monsters (Dominion) and sometimes it is leveled by kaiju (Kaiju Fall). Whether this is due to his poor mental state or a deep-seeded aversion to the heat, we may never know. He can be found socializing on most major social media sites, and his website is dgoodman1.wordpress.com.

Let me know what you think!


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