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After Tiffany is orphaned on the night of her 18th birthday, she discovers, as the sole heir to her parents’ estate, she has inherited a frozen embryo from when her parents did IVF to have her. Feeling lost, alone and longing for a sense of family, Tiffany can’t bring herself to destroy or donate the embryo. Instead, she decides to be impregnated with her biological twin.

A legal battle ensues over whether the embryo is a person or property and the ethics of whether it is acceptable to give birth to your own sibling.
Set in Australia, this contemporary fiction novel is full of emotion, dilemmas and unexpected friendships, as Tiffany forges a new life without her parents.

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Only the Lonely is a heavy novel with topics I don’t think I’ve ever read about. I was taken on an emotional roller coaster I don’t think I was ready for. This novel swings really high and really low, and I found myself tearing up in a few places. I’m still recovering as I write this review and it’s been a day or so since I finished it.

The characters in this novel were deeply rounded and realistic. Joanne Nicholson created characters that are put in a situation and react in ways that I may or may not have agreed with, but it was thought-provoking. I’m not sure how I would react in the situation Tiffany was in, and I’m glad I’ll never have to know.

Only the Lonely is a very compelling, thought-provoking novel with unique themes. There are interesting ethical questions that come about, and it makes you really wonder what you would do in such a situation. I recommend checking it out if you like emotionally charged novels.



Joanne Nicholson is an Australian author who enjoys boating, exercising, reading, writing, music and spending quality time with family and friends.

Joanne’s career began in advertising and marketing. After a hiatus to raise her four children, she owned an indoor play centre, worked in property management and bookkeeping. Joanne gave these up to focus on her passion for writing.

She has published the contemporary women’s fiction novels: ‘Intuition’, ‘In Another Life’ and ‘Positive’, as well as a YA novel ‘Music Score’ and several short stories. Her latest novel is ‘Only the Lonely.”

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