BOOK REVIEW | The Journals of Incabad Reyl – Gregory Tasoulas

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Today, I’m reviewing The Journals of Incabad Reyl by Gregory Tasoulas!

In a different Universe where electricity is the defining driving force of all natural existence, and life exists on floating islands called troves, Incabad Reyl is the greatest scientist of his time. It was his research on the 12 electrons that gave the Equation of fractal dynamics, the Equation that became the basis of Horizon’s modern technology. The Equation that brought about a better understanding of the echomagnetic fields of the 12 permanent Storms and ushered Horizon into an era of technological advancement based on its abundant electrical forces.

But his Equation was flawed and incomplete…

And so, decades after his famous research that put him on a pedestal as Horizon’s greatest scientific mind, Professor Reyl embarks on a clandestine adventure to find what he calls the Master Equation. An equation that will define the elusive variables of the Horizon’s volatile and ever-changing echomagnetic fields. Or so everybody thinks.

His only ally a cryptic Oracle from the trove Ocheron, Lieutenant Auburn Thorn.

Together, the two men leave the trove Accadia, one of the ten Cradles of human civilization and travel to the distant and unexplored trove Tarn, where they venture deep into the uncharted jungle. With the help of Auburn’s oracular abilities, they discover an ancient technomagical building of unknown origins.

While the superficial harmony between the ten Cradles of humanity unravels around them, the two will have to face unforeseen adversities and betrayals, in a race to save humanity’s future.

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The Journals of Incabad Reyl is the first book in a sci-fi/fantasy series which combines the novellas Elmwean’s Lodge and Return to Elmwean’s Lodge together into one volume. I read the two novellas a while back, but was really excited to read them together as one volume.

The story is told in the first person, through the eyes of Professor Incabad Reyl as we follow his personal quest. I love Incabad Reyl. His character is so smart, and it is really fund to read through his eyes. I could picture what he looked like and what his voice sounded like. He is such a well-rounded character. The narrative is structured as a personal journal and we get to experience everything at the same time as Incabad. I think it is so cool to watch his character grow.

The worldbuilding is incredible in this novel. Horizon is a miniature, parallel universe, created by strong echomagnetic storms. It is populated by 10 different human breeds that are differenciated by their skin and psyiological features. It is so imaginative, I found myself immersed into this world. I love the mixture of science and futuristic technology with magic and supernatural elements. I’ll admit, it can be a little overwhelming trying to keep up with the universe, but eventually, you get used to the language and things make more sense.

If you love sci-fi, fantasy, and supernatural elements, you should definitely pick up The Journals o Incabad Reyl. Between the quirkiness of our main character, Professor Incabad, and the incredibly detailed world, this novel is really awesome. Highly recommended and definitely on my favorite list of 2019!



Find more information about Gregory Tasoulas and Tales of Horizon HERE.

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4 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW | The Journals of Incabad Reyl – Gregory Tasoulas

    1. Haha you read the first novella. I think you said you were pretty confused. I had the luxury of reading it twice, and then beta reading again. It’s pretty complex and when I first read it, I had to re-read to understand the world. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is a redone version, much better – still a confusing concept though. There’s lots going on. I still love it. Haha


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