BLOG TOUR | Reinventing Hillwilla – Melanie Forde

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Today is my stop on the blog tour for Reinventing Hillwilla.

Reinventing Hillwilla
By Melanie Forde
Genre: Literary/Women’s Contemporary

Life on a llama farm, set in remote “Seneca County,” West Virginia, transitions from contented to chaotic in this final novel in the Hillwilla trilogy — all under the watchful eye of canine guardian Ralph. Five years after we first met northern urban transplant Beatrice Desmond, she is finally adapting to her mountain hollow among the wary “born-heres” and is more open to the blessings in her life. She has developed a rewarding mother-daughter relationship with troubled local teenager Clara Buckhalter and is inching toward marriage with dashing, but complicated entrepreneur Tanner Fordyce. Meanwhile, Clara sets off on a productive new path, one that would have been unthinkable had Beatrice never come into her life. All of that progress is suddenly jeopardized by Clara’s scheming mother Charyce. Ultimately, the upheaval touched off by Charyce’s schemes serves as the catalyst for new beginnings for the Seneca County misfits (even Ralph).



Reinventing Hillwilla is a story of love, forgiveness and overcoming obstacles that life throws in the way. It is the third book in the Hillwilla trilogy and can be read as a standalone. I would love to read the first two, just to get more of this story, but I did fine reading this one alone.

The characters are very realistic feeling and well developed. Some you’ll love and some you’ll love to hate, but those emotions are what we, as readers, hope to feel when we are getting to know characters. There are many personal struggles dealt with in this novel, and it is intriguing how Melanie Forde writes them. Her ability to make a reader feel as if they know the characters on a very personal level is brilliant.

I highly recommend checking this out. As I said, I’d like to go back and read the first two novels, because I think this story is worth spending more time in.



Melanie Forde is a veteran writer, ghosting in diverse formats—from academic white papers to advertising copy. Under her own name, she has published numerous features and commentaries about the natural world, as well as the first two novels in the Hillwilla trilogy (Hillwilla and On the Hillwilla Road). She lives in Hillsboro, West Virginia.

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6 thoughts on “BLOG TOUR | Reinventing Hillwilla – Melanie Forde

    1. Hope you’ll check out the first two books, as well: “Hillwilla” and “On the HIllwilla Road.” Meanwhile, I’ve got an Irish family saga just out: “Decanted Truths.” Lots of quirky characters there, too.

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