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Today, I have a treat for you. Author, Kimber Li is here with a guest post! Enjoy 😊

I like Bilbo Baggins Better Than Batman

Thank you, Jessica, for having me over.

Characterization. That’s the number one priority for me as a reader and an author. It’s rare that I’ll like a book if I can’t get behind the main characters’ eyes.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is one of those exceptions. I just finished rereading it after about a decade. Edward and Bella simply were not interesting to me. I never hated them, they simply were not my cup of tea. The thing which made characterization work for me anyway was the fact that the characters were multi-dimensional, they grew, and so did the secondary characters. I liked Carlisle and Alice best the first go ‘round. This time I like Rosalie best.

Seems like many readers come into stories with preconceived ideas on how characters should be. Like vampires should never sparkle. Me? I’m like, so what? In Stephenie Meyer’s fictional universe, they do sparkle. Don’t like that, there’s plenty of other vampire novels to go around.

Want to know an insider’s secret? Stephenie Meyer still gets paid, even if the reader who bought her book hates that her vampires sparkle. This is another reason authors should never complain about negative reviews.

But my biggest pet peeves are the Alpha Clones and Kick-Butt Knock-Off Heroines.

Obviously, many Alpha Male and Kick-Butt Heroine characters are done will. It’s the copycats I don’t like.

And I resent the implication that a strong character must be always strong and can only be strong in one way. A sweet, soft-spoken preschool teacher can be just as powerful as a warrior princess with sword in hand, given the proper motivation.

Anyone can be bold.

Love is the Root of True Courage.

Sorry, but human babies are born helpless, even if they’re destined for greatness. Since I’m human too, I cannot relate to perfectly and always powerful humans. In fact, I find them mind-numbingly boring.

So it is with characterization, at least for me. I love the unlikely hero. I enjoy characters who start out with multiple issues and grow over the course of the story. Obviously, they’ve got to have potential from the start and the author’s got to show that.

One of my favorite books on writing explains this well. Save the Cat! By Blake Snyder. It’s right there in the title. If you have a hero who starts out unheroic in anyway, you’ve got to hint at his eventual heroics from the start, like having him save a cat.

Guess it’s safe to say I prefer a story which encourages me to believe that I can become powerful too, at least in my own way.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring.

About Kimber Li

Kimber Li bandaged her fingers and pounded out her first novel on a manual typewriter when she was eleven years old. In the years which followed, she decided she wanted a large family of her own. When the time came, she moved to Alaska to find someone tough enough for the job of building it with her. Pregnancy hormones kicked her imagination into overdrive and she began to pursue publication. Although she achieved ePublication years ago with three Young Adult stories and one Sweet Romance, she discovered Indie Pub was a lot more fun for her and never looked back. She now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of multiple decades, four children who are now taller than her and want a puppy, two spoiled rotten cats, and a bunch of chickens who are nothing but freeloading slackers.

Kimber Li on WordPress

Purchase Newblood & the Ice Princess, which I will be reviewing very soon!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Kimber Li! I’m looking forward to reading your novel.


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