BLOG TOUR | Silencing Anna – Sadie Mitchell

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Today is my stop on the Silencing Anna blog tour!

Voices surround Anna as she lies on her hospital bed, but she cannot answer them. Her voice has been taken, along with her mobility and her sight. She can hear the nurses chattering and her family that come to visit. Her mum cries a lot and her dad struggles to deal with what he sees. Life used to be good for Anna, but life can change in a heartbeat, as she knows so well.

And then there are the people we think we know. When the smile hides the anger. When the beauty hides the beast.

Only Anna knows the truth, but Anna cannot speak.

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This is a debut novel, people! I couldn’t believe it. This grips you from page one, and doesn’t let you go until you’ve finished the novel. I could not put Silencing Anna down. It’s a unique plot, unlike anything I’ve read. Anna is in a coma, and you can feel the panic of not being able to express her feelings, yet being able to hear everyone around her. It’s chilling and frustrating – Sadie Mitchell writes with such vivid accuracy, that you almost feel like you’re lying there with Anna.

We are taken on an emotional journey where we see Anna as a carefree girl morph into an insecure, abused victim. Admittedly, this is difficult to read about, but it was written in such a compelling way, that I needed to find out what happened.

This was definitely a psychological thriller. I was taken on a journey of all sorts of emotions. Silencing Anna was captivating, unique, emotional and surprising. I highly recommend this one!



This is Sadie’s first novel. She has three children and and a rabbit. She works in healthcare. When she’s not writing or working most of her life seems to involve picking up toys and finding things she’d forgotten she has.

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