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I recieved a copy of the Helio Trilogy from Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 😊

I’m going to review the series as a whole, and then review each book, individually. Enjoy!

The Amazon Bestselling Helio Trilogy is now available in a single volume.



I found myself spending a lot of time reading these books, and I’m not complaining in the slightest. The action, the characters, and even the love triangle (which I normally hate, but this one was well done), drew me in. Each book is long, but I never found myself bored and I think the series got better as it progressed. Valerie Roeseler is a great writer, and I’m looking forward to reading more from her.


An highly recommended trilogy for lovers of paranormal, fantasy, and romance.



Leaving her broken home and shady past behind, Ivy Harris is determined to make something of herself. Her new acquaintance, Jack Roe, is irritating and arrogant with a womanizing reputation. Despite his secretive behavior and constant pursuit of her, Ivy finds herself falling for him. When Jack’s secrets are revealed, Ivy discovers her life isn’t her own as she’s trapped within a conflict between beings of light and darkness.

After a series of dangerous encounters threaten her existence, she finds comfort from a mysterious stranger and gains the loyalty of unexpected forces. The walls Ivy has secured around her crumble in the wake of tragedy, and the devotion of her friends provide her with the family she’s longed for. With their safety and her survival contingent on her actions, Ivy has no choice but to become the force of nature she’s destined to be.



I’m really impressed with the world building and character development in this novel. I found myself quickly attached to Ivy, and drawn into her story. She has a really broken past that has left her untrusting. I loved watching her grow as she learned that not everyone was bad.

I love Valerie Roeseler’s writing style. She really captures the essence of each character she creates with unique dialogue. She also has this incredible ability to create heart pounding action throughout the entire story. Not once was I bored, this was a true page turned.

I really enjoyed the fantasy/paranormal elements, and how the mysteries of Ivy’s past are brought around full circle. I think the loose ends that were meant to and needed to be tied up were. I think it’s great when the first book in a series can stand on its own.

I think my only complaint is the romances seem a bit instant. I can’t really get into it much because I don’t want to spoil. It got better toward the end when some of the mystery was revealed, and I’m interested to see how it continues.


Compelling, thrilling, and fun book that kept me hooked until the end.



Ivy Harris has been hunted down ever since unearthing her true nature as an immortal weapon created through Divine intervention. She has fought and bled, and loved and lost. Now, withdrawn from the family she gained, the love of her life, Jack, attempts to break through her walls. While she’s lost in the guilt of her past and her first love, Solas, remains in the depths of their enemies, Ivy struggles to find a balance between who she is and who she is expected to be.

A new ally emerges, and Ivy finds herself lying to Jack and her friends as she attempts to save Solas. Putting herself in danger time and time again creates a wedge between her and everyone she cares about. Will she find a way to rescue Solas from the Darkness? Will she be able to salvage the relationships she has destroyed?



Second books in trilogies are sometimes hit or miss for me. If not done correctly, they just act as a bridge between the first and second, and aren’t really necessary. But this isn’t the case for Guilded Inferno.

I think this is a step up from book one, as we are really understanding Ivy more. She is finally accepting herself, yet still getting herself in trouble. I think she is a great lead.

I really love the pull of light and dark, and the questioning of which side to choose. Valerie Roeseler’s writing is really fantastic. She steers you through this world, and really makes you feel like it is real. This was another long book, that I devoured and couldn’t put down.


Fantastic second book, that makes you excited to jump into the next story.



True beauty and strength come from scars of Darkness.

Ivy has been pushed to her limits and the time has come to fulfill her destiny. Her heart remains broken in two, uncertainty lingering between which path to take. Questions arise as vengeance prowls in the shadows. Suspicion grows against Ivy’s mentors while her visions threaten to destroy everything she knows.

When Ivy’s flaws and faults become crimes against her, she is forced to relinquish an important part of her being. Yet at her weakest, she finds strength. Ivy’s trials and tribulations have led to this moment. The face of iniquity may break her to the core, or it may create hope and new beginnings. Deliverance is crucial. Failure is not an option.



Well folks, Valerie Roeseler did it. She made me a fan of a love triangle. I loved the tension, and the heartbreaking decision Ivy is left with. I love how real it feels – that is always the one thing about the love triangle that makes me angry…when it’s not realistic. In this situation, it is realistic for Ivy to feel the way she does. I love how the answer isn’t given right away. It just creates more page turning.

I honestly couldn’t put this book down, because I was in a hurry to see how it wrapped up. I was sad when I read the last sentence because I didn’t want the story to be over.


Really fantastic way to end the series. I’m a new fan of Valerie Roeseler, and I’ll be reading more from her as soon as I can.



About the Author:

Valerie Roeseler is a bestselling author, devoted mother, and workaholic with the determination of a queen bee. She began writing as a child, creating fantastical stories with villainous animals on her toy typewriter. In her teenage years, her writing became a poetic secret before she wrote music, transforming them into lyrics. Valerie’s early inspirations came from her obsession with mythology and British literature. Her debut novel, Midnight Divine, is the first in The Helio Trilogy. She is a native Texan and an enthusiast of art, music, adrenaline, coffee, wine, and hair dye. When left to her own devices, she tends to forget that sleep is a necessity.

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Let me know if you check this trilogy out. 😊



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